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Some of the Features of Satellite Tracker

Great Support for Meade Autostar Telescopes! Track via the RS232 interface or create Custom TLE file to upload to the Autostar object database!

Improved smooth continuous tracking suitable for AstroVideography for the Meade LX200!

Below are just some of the many features of the Satellite Tracker:

Map your entire Viewing Plan. Just click on the next object you wish to track.

An integrated LX200 Control Dialog is now included with version 2.0.1 and higher!

Night Vision mode reduces the brightness of the computer screen so that the user's eyes stay adjusted to the darkness of the night.

A joystick can be used to adjust the timing and alignment settings. This allows the user to make adjustments while viewing the object.

Another utility to aid in setting the timing. The timing adjustment is automatically changed in timed intervals allowing the user to simply press the space bar when the optimum timing is achieved.

Probably, the best new feature found in v1.1.8 is the ability to predict satellite passes for an entire TLE file in a single click. The results can automatically be transferred to the Viewing Plan.

The improved Viewing Plan dialog shows the current elevation and direction of visible objects. This method eliminates the need to constantly refresh (and re-calculate) the object list and pick new objects to view. The user also knows ahead of time what object will be coming into view by scrolling through the Viewing Plan.

A satellite information database provides interesting facts about many objects.